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Trust Air Cargo U.S.A is an international freight forwarder, custom broker, consolidator for both Air & Sea, with headquarters located in Taipei, Taiwan, and branch offices at Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, etc. We are members of IATA and NVOCC, FMC, and one of the top ten forwarders in Taiwan. We are also key agents of China Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Federal Express and EVA Airways which means we get space protection.

Trust Air Cargo was founded in 1983 in U.S.A., and is growing strong everyday. Since then we have provided reliable cargo consolidation and moving operation service for customers all over the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East such as Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and China. We are proud to say that all of our customers are extremely satisfied with our services.
ime saved, and money earned; values we provide with our well-planned and speedy service. We will upgrade your high-quality and time sensitive products to a dominant position with all competitors. We offer package service, whether air, sea or land, to end up with the most advantage in current market competition.
eliable service is what we are rendering and exactly performed. Whatever a sample or the most advanced technical equipment, from the moment we received your instruction, you are 100% assured of our careful, heedful and dedicated handling by the expertise of our professional staff to meet with your total satisfaction under our control system.
se the right tool, you will win the world. Our worldwide service network reaches to the major cities. Upon request, we are able to arrange your movement to wherever you want to. In the meantime, our immediate communication system will feed you back the information needed in a timely manner. We are the tool to help you win the world.
afety delivery is the basic requirement in our working procedure, from the moment we pick-up until well delivery, the goods are under special attention and management. Additionally, either commercial or wisdom property, we are obligated to protect your interest from any loss. As the security is highly concerned, we are enforced to keep the promise all the way.
eamwork is the most essential sector to achieve an excellent job on forwarding and delivery. Every participant in this organization affects directly the service quality. Through our on-job training, it will lead us to be enthusiastic, aggressive and fully participated to head for the outstanding performance. We are proud to say "we are the team you can rely on".
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